Pothi.com Books: Short Story Collections

Tinku’s Tooth and other stories by R. Mahesh

The stories are about a little boy called Tinku and his experiences. It is written in a very simple language and certainly will appeal to children. The stories have a moral at the end which teaches the readers good things about life. The book is well written and will surely appeal to young children who may be able to read and to parents who wish to read out stories with values to their children. The collection qualifies for bedtime stories as well.

Just So Stories…  by Sibnath Mazumdar

This collection of stories is a series of tales that are relevant to various beliefs and aspects of culture. There is a message that the author is trying to manifest. The story lines are intriguing and tend to capture the interest of the reader. The language is situational and simple. The theme of the stories is captivating. The imagination of the author is well conveyed in the stories. There is a definite depiction manifested in them that educate the readers about certain aspects of some uncommon occurrences.

The Five Gems – Stories From Daddy by Narayanan P Iyer

This collection is mainly for children to read as it comes with morals that instill values in young minds. Having mentioned this, it is also a good read for adults who can relate to the child in them. The stories are rare and the inferences are special. The language is simple and would most certainly appeal to those with innocent minds. Overall, the message the author intends to give the reader is vivid and his efforts are commendable.


One thought on “Pothi.com Books: Short Story Collections

  1. Avijit Banerjee February 25, 2015 at 10:58 pm Reply

    Does Pothi publishes 1 single story? For a price?

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