Entries received for LKNB Contest – IV

LKNB Graphic

Entry Id 1121: The Funny Thing Called Love by Vibha Batra

It was the month of August that Anusha decided to take things into her own hands. Some people claim that on Independence Day, she was switching channels, when she came across Nehru’s famous ‘Tryst with Destiny’ speech. And she was inspired. She would keep her trust with destiny indeed. She would act on her desires all right.

Problem was she couldn’t propose to Raghav. How could she? She was a girl, a passably good looking one, at that. And no self-respecting, decent looking girl would go out on a limb and profess her feelings for a guy, no matter how strongly she felt for him. Ego before heart, self before other and all that, you see.

So she did the next best thing. She picked up her biggest weapon, her mobile phone, inserted a brand new sim, changed her voice and called him up. A ‘Secret Admirer’, of course. Did Raghav actually chat with the random caller? How could he not? It was a girl’s voice. And it sounded good. A killer combo, if you ask any boy. He was in the Hot Seat and his feelings for Janani simply had to take a backseat.

Nights melted into days, days melted into weeks. Raghav wanted to meet the girl who stole away his dreams (he felt as if he hadn’t slept in days, hooked as he was to the mobile phone). He demanded a rendezvous. Anusha complied. It was face off time.

Entry Id 1127: The Story of My Love by Kulmohan Kaur

I sat engrossed in my thoughts. As the clock ticked away towards making me a year older, my thoughts flew back to the days when I was just reaching my adolescence. It was during those days of innocence and carefree life that I first saw her. She was the prefect of our school. That day she had won the trophy for the best student and was standing to pose for the camera. I was distracted from the class and tried to get a better look from the window of my class and got told off for doing so. However, the face of the girl remained etched in my thoughts.

In the course of the next few weeks I got glimpses of her various talents, be it as an orator at various debate competitions or as a singer when she sang on Children’s Day. She also gave a speech on why the birthday of Pandit Nehru is celebrated as Children’s Day. I came to know then that it was because he loved children. There must have been many speeches before that day. But this time, the one I loved was speaking and I was bound to pay attention.

I tried to get her attention but nothing I did seemed to be enough. There was only one way I could get a chance to tell her my feelings. I came to know that she loves feeding the pigeons at the corner of the road just before her house. That day I seized the opportunity and went to the place. I too bought seeds for feeding and went up to her. She was surprised to see me but didn’t talk. I took it as a good omen because this meant that she had at least recognized me as her schoolmate. This meant that she took notice of me at school.



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