Understanding Copyright and Protecting Your Work

We keep getting several questions about copyrights. Here is a post that should simplify it for authors.



First it was Napster, “stealing” music, and these days it is The Piratebay allowing people to steal virtually anything that is distributed by way of electronic data. From books to videos to computer programs. Nothing, it seems is safe! So how do you protect your book from being copied and distributed illegally?

The most important tool available to authors in this technological age, was introduced back in 1662 by Charles II of England. Copyright might be nearly 400 years old, but it is still the best way to protect your work. Read on to see how this can be possible!

What is Copyright?

Now, please allow us to be a bit technical. This is necessary so that you will understand clearly what copyright is and how it works for you. OK, Deep breath, here we go!

Copyright is:

  • A Legal Concept
  • Concerning Intellectual Property
  • Protected by most government
  • Granting…

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