5 Myths About Copyright That Must Be Busted

Copyright is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the world. Don’t fall for these myths.


We have talked about what copyright is and how it work  in one of our earlier posts. Although the idea of protecting a creator’s right seems straightforward, when it comes to observing copyright laws in practice, we fall prey to several myths.

Let’s look at, and bust, five popular copyright myths.

Myth 1: Publicly available means Public domain

When people find an article, or a photograph, available online, they often do not think twice about downloading or reusing it. It is public, right? Right?

Wrong! It is publicly available. It doesn’t mean it is in public domain. It is still protected by the copyright. You can’t just download stuff off Internet and use them. Unless their copyright terms has expired, or the copyright owner has explicitly put it in public domain, you must use it only according to the terms of the site it is hosted on, or the license it…

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