Writing Well, Or Seven Common Indie Author Mistakes


Writing well is a challenge. Writing fiction even more so! Add to this the fact that you are writing in order to get paid, and it further complicates the scene. People want quality, and that means even if you are offering your badly written book with a great plot for only $1.99 (or less!) they will not buy it.

You will not make money. Your country’s economy will slow down, eventually resulting in a global recession, just because you did not fix a few silly mistakes in your book! Horrible!

Zen Scribe has agreed to share a few of his observations with us. He might be all calm and peaceful but he reads with the intensity of a ninja, adept in the way of the Hidden Easter Egg!

Mistake 1: Bad choice of Words

There are different kinds of bad choices. One mistake that nearly every writer, amateur or best-seller…

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