Writing for Children and Teenagers (Revised Edition) by Lee Wyndham (Part 2)


A book is a recipe and has many components- essentials and condiments that make it yum. I won’t delve into all the essentials I found in this book but only the ideas that stand out for me and could help you.

One essential is plot. Wyndham gives us a few pointers in what she calls a Plot recipe, the sauce that makes your book good food for thought. It’s nothing but a list of questions:

  • Who is your character?
  • Who/what is your antagonist?
  • Who are the other people in the story?
  • What does the main protagonist want?
  • How important is it for him to get what he wants?
  • How does the antagonist prevent him from getting it?
  • What does the protagonist do about the obstacle?
  • What are the results of the initial action?
  • Where does the struggle lead him?
  • What is the climax?


Asking yourself these questions can be…

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