Write More or Less?


Almost everything in the market is mass produced in today. Even if it is a limited edition, often thousands are made and sold.

It is funny but iPhones (Apple products in general) try to create an illusion of exclusivity, in spite of being sold by the millions. This goes for all brands including Nike, Diesel, Toyota, etc. A market is made for an “exclusive” product, and then a flood of products pours out.

What are the things that are truly exclusive- that are still being created in real limited numbers?

Artwork. You can buy prints of a Rembrandt or Picasso but this is not close to owning the real thing. Even if the work is forged to such a high standard that it is close to impossible to distinguish between the original and the copy, a forgery is just that – a forgery.

How does this idea of exclusivity this…

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