When Authors Kill Their Darlings


Disclaimer: This piece as spoilers for War and Peace, Harry Potter,Tess of the d’Urbervilles,Love StoryandSherlock Holmes. If that is likely to upset you, don’t read further. (But hey! Please do.)

Too much harmony, says our in-house writing advisor, is not good in fiction. You have to kill your darlings.  I can’t refute him.

Let’s take the phrase literally. Doesn’t the well-known writer always do away with a darling character?

I recently gorged on all of the Harry Potter series and that’s when it struck me how Rowling killed so many of her darlings. So I teamed up with my colleague Neelima to make a list of some famous darlings killed in famous books.

  1. Prince Andrew in War and Peace: Among all the rich and spoilt elite, here’s the only man with a head on his shoulders! His love for Natasha…

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