The Craft of Novel Writing by Dianne Doubtfire – (Part 1)

The craft of novel writing…


“Knowledge has strange hiding places,” Zen Scribe said about this slender how-to book picked up from a remote book vendor.

Textbooks can’t provide craftsmanship but they can provide a sense of direction. In her book The Craft of Novel Writing, Dianne Doubtfire talks about the regular book creation bits and bytes: theme is not plot, plot is action, structure is conflict, etc.  Yet, it’s surprising how much you can read about writing and still learn.


While characters in a plot could be saved by deux ex machina, which genius story was ever borne of a plot creator?


One statement that writers may have heard is that the book you write should never be about YOU. It shouldn’t really, but the problem is that it usually is and Doubtfire throws in a quote by Tolstoy:  “One ought only to write when it leaves pieces of one’s…

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