Expand Your Horizons by Restricting Your Reading

A good way of reading better…


The title of this post is intentionally oxymoronic. After all, headlines are supposed to grab attention. But not all that is attention-grabbing is merely a click-bait. I mean what I say in the title of this post. In context, of course.

There is too much to read out there and even for those whose job it might be to read books, too little time to read. Ideally we would want to read not only good but also diverse books. But how do most of you pick books?

choosing a book

One way is by hearing about books from various sources.

Unfortunately, there are systemic biases in what we get to hear about. Yes, there is a J. K. Rowling – one of the top earning authors in the world, but women authors are usually under-represented in reviews, recommendations, must-read compilations and most reading lists (Rowling too had to deliberately use a male-sounding name…

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