Audiobook Series (Part 1): Why Audiobooks?

Audiobooks(Part 1)


One of the hurdles that indie writers have to face over and over again is a way to create sales. Recently we have given you some advice on SEO that should help people find you.

One sales generating ploy would be creating an audiobook. The fact is that this format is growing. The UK market alone for audiobooks is growing by 30% a year.

HarperCollins says that in the order of 75% of their titles are now turned into audio-recordings. Before technology made it extremely easy to listen wherever you are, they only recorded about 10% of their titles.

Penguin has also recently appointed their “first audio publisher last September [2013].”

You cynical or worldly-wise writers out there will want to know if Amazon is doing something in this area. Well, they did buy out Audible for a mere $300 million back in 2008.

Sales are booming. Audiobooks are…

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One thought on “Audiobook Series (Part 1): Why Audiobooks?

  1. Destination Infinity November 25, 2015 at 12:01 pm Reply

    Have a look at in India. It’s good.

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